• A removable cap provides easy access to connect a Quick-test hose to the process for calibration purposes and is easily sealed bubble-tight again when calibration is complete
    • Connect to pressure transmitters, EFMs, Flow Computers and other NPT devices under test using thread sealant for a permanent connection
    • A Cap and chain makes calibration easy and quick by connecting and disconnecting a hose without a wrench or thread sealant
    • Made in USA
  • Connects Female NPT to Quick-test hoses with brass or stainless steel hose ends.
    • Ideal for connecting to pressure transmitters or other devices under test using thread sealant
    • Quickly connect and disconnect Quick-test hoses for testing, calibrating and sampling
    • Made in USA
  • Quick-test Hoses

    Microbore hoses that provide a very quick, low volume, high pressure way of connecting to any pressure instrumentation, hand pump, calibration source or device under test
    • Low volume reduces the pumping effort or compressed gas usage in pressure calibration
    • No thread sealant required – connect to adapters without wrenches, thread sealant or thread tape
    • Bubble tight connections to 6900 psi (475 bar) with no moving parts reduces maintenance to almost zero
    • Hose is hard to break and very flexible
    • Adapt from hose to virtually any device under test with only one connection
    • Silver color dramatically reduces the effect that changing temperature has on pressure stability
    • A corrosion resistant strain-relief on each hose end reduces wear and dramatically increases hose life
    • Hose is excellent for inert gas applications (except Helium and Argon)
    • Hose is pin-pricked for use in Natural Gas applications
    • Made in U.S.A.
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    Ametek Crystal XP2i Digital Test Gauge

    Original price was: $1,633.00.Current price is: $1,551.35.
    The Crystal XP2i is The World’s Most Popular Test Gauge! The Crystal XP2i is Ultra rugged, intrinsically safe, digital test gauge and is available with 0.1% of reading, 0.02% of full scale, or 0.05% of full scale accuracy levels.
  • Connect to a pressure gauge or other device with Male NPT connections to a Ralston hand pump or nitrogen calibration device
    • Install with thread tape once onto any male NPT pressure gauge then use the Quick-test connection to quickly connect or disconnect from any Ralston hand pump, nitrogen calibration device or other Quick-test adapter
    • Saves the threads on a pressure gauge by not needing to make and remake the connection with thread sealant
    • Made in USA
  • Connect a Quick-test hose directly to a DP transmitter using the bleeder port when the transmitter is not mounted on a 3 or 5 valve manifold or when the manifold is not easily accessible. This unique fitting makes a metal to metal seat on the transmitter and a Quick-test hose can be attached on the other side Connects through the bleeder screw port on a DP transmitter Made in USA
  • Replacement Outlet Ports

    Outlet ports used on hand pumps, nitrogen sources, volume controllers Made in the USA
  • Make a bubble-tight connection to any Swagelok, Parker, Hoke, SSP, Tylok or equivalent tube fitting without a wrench
    • An excellent solution for connecting to tube fittings for pressure calibration, gas sampling, pressure reading and testing
    • A unique design that seals on an o-ring to prevent damage to a tube fitting
    • Make and remake hundreds of times without over-tightening a tube fitting
    • Made in USA
  • Connect to pressure gauges, pressure calibrators and adapters easily and quickly Position a pressure gauge for easy reading Connect a Quick-test hose to an adapter in hard to reach places Durable forged construction Made in USA
  • Quick-test Unions

    Connect two Quick-test hoses or two Quick-test adapters together, depending on the union Quick-test connection makes connecting two hoses together quick and easy Made in USA
  • CPF Fittings and Hose are a new line of quick-test pressure fittings for calibration and test applications -- designed with an emphasis on safety. Crystal Pressure Fittings (CPF) perform up to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar, and feature a safety weep hole to alert you before you accidentally disconnect from a pressurized system. It can also be used as a bleed point. Each fitting is machined in 316 Stainless Steel and laser markings indicate the fitting type, size, part number, and Maximum Allowable Working Pressure to prevent a mismatched connection. An industry-first patented o-ring connection allows CPF Fittings to maintain a leak-free seal up to 10 000 psi with only finger-tightening. This offers an alternative to commonly-used NPT Fittings, which require technicians to wrap their fittings in thread tape and use a wrench to tighten each installation. Unlike other quick-change fittings, the O-rings in CPF Fittings are also easily replaceable. CHECK ITEM DESIRED AND CHOOSE QUANTITY TO THE LEFT OF LINE ITEM FOR EACH ITEM THAT IS BEING ORDERED
  • Make a bubble-tight seal on any Female NPT pressure device without using thread sealant or a wrench.
    • A unique design allows connection to standard female NPT ports using a pressure-assisted o-ring seal
    • Pressure helps to seal the fitting better
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Made in USA
  • Connect a Quick-test hose on one side of a panel, wall or enclosure and a tube fitting on the other
    • Bulkhead seals so no liquid or moisture can get into a control panel or enclosure
    • Use to connect tube fittings on the inside of an enclosure to a Quick-test hose on the outside of the enclosure
    • Will connect through a wall that is up to 0.5 in (1.3 cm) thick
    • Made in USA
  • Connect a Quick-test hose to a pressure gauge or any device with a male NPT connection using thread sealant and a wrench
    • Connect to pressure gauges with NPT connections
    • Adapt to a wide range of Male NPT process connections
    • Made in USA
  • An affordable pressure gauge with high-end features, the new Ralston Instruments Field Gauge LC20 line of digital pressure gauges was designed with the user in mind. They are compact, tough, and reliable with customization options to help you simplify your work and get the job done quickly and accurately. Accuracy: ±0.1% full scale accuracy Includes Certificate of Calibration
  • Quick-test Tees

    Connect three hoses or a combination of 3 hoses, adapters and hand pumps or manifolds Durable forged construction Tee has full flow through each of the ports Made in USA
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